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Moroccan Arabic introduction phrases are essential for Darija learners. By learning these 20 phrases, you can start making conversations today!
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20 Moroccan Arabic Introduction Phrases

Houda Ghazali

The first set of expressions we suggest that you learn as part of your Moroccan Darija learning journey, is this collection of 20 Moroccan Arabic introduction phrases.

You can use these phrases as ice breakers with Moroccan Arabic speakers.

So on this page, you will learn how to ask someone about their name, age, and national origins in Moroccan Darija.

You will also learn how to ask someone what they do for a living, where they work, and other questions in Moroccan Arabic.

When appropriate, the Moroccan Arabic phrases are provided in both masculine and feminine forms.

Moroccan Arabic Introduction Phrases

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in the Arabic Alphabet
What’s your name? Ashno smiytek? أشنو سميتك؟
My name is… Smiyti… سميتي…
How old are you? She7al fe 3emrek? شحال ف عمرك؟
I am … years old. 3endi … 3am. عندي… عام  
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Where are you from? - Masculine Singular: Mnin nta? - Feminine Singular: Mnin nti? منين نتا؟ - منين نتي؟ -
Learn more personal pronouns in Moroccan Arabic. #colspan#
I am from America/Morocco/France/Egypt… Ana men amrika/lmghrib/fransa/misr… ...أنا من أمريكا/ المغرب/ فرنسا/ مصر
Check out the names of countries in Moroccan Arabic. #colspan#
Do you work or study? - Masculine Singular: Kheddam awla katqra? - Feminine Singular: Hheddama awla katqray? خدام أولا كتقرا؟ - خدامة أولا كتقراي؟ -
I study. Kanqra. كنقرا.
What do you study? - Masculine Singular: Ash katqra? - Feminine Singular: Ash katqray? أش كتقرا؟ - أش كتقراي؟ -
I study medicine. Kanqra tibb. كنقرا الطب
Check the list of academic disciplines and fields of study in Moroccan Darija. #colspan#
I work. Kankhdem. كنخدم
Where do you work? - Masculine Singular: Fin kheddam? - Feminine Singular: Fin kheddama? فين خدام؟ - فين خدامة؟ -
What’s your job? - Masculine Singular: Fash kheddam? - Feminine Singular: Fash kheddama? فاش خدام؟ - فاش خدامة؟ -
I am a lawyer/teacher/engineer - Masculine Singular: Ana mo7ami/ostad/mohandis… - Feminine Singular: Ana mo7amia/ostada/mohandisa... ...أنا محامي/ أستاد/ مهندس- ...أنا محامية/ أستادة/ مهندسة-
Check the list of jobs and careers in Moroccan Arabic, as well as the lesson on feminine nouns in Moroccan Darija. #colspan#
Are you married? - Masculine Singular: Mzewwej? - Feminine Singular: Mzewwja? مزوج؟ - مزوجة؟ -
Yes, I am married. - Masculine Singular: Ah, ana mzewwej. - Feminine Singular: Ah, ana mzewwja آه، أنا مزوج - آه، أنا مزوجة -
No, I am not married. - Masculine Singular: Lla, ana ma mzewwejsh. - Feminine Singular: Lla, ana ma mzewwejash. لا، أنا ما مزوجش - لا، أنا ما مزوجاش -
Do you speak English? - Masculine Singular: Katehder neglizia? - Feminine Singular: Katehderi neglizia? كتهضر النڭليزية؟ - كتهضري النڭليزية؟ -
I speak a little Arabic. Kanehder shwia d l3erbia. كنهضر شوية د العربية
Nice to meet you. Metsherrfin. متشرفين

Introduction Phrases in Moroccan Arabic – Exercise

Introduce yourself in Moroccan Arabic using the following template:

  • My name is…
  • I am… years old.
  • I am from…
  • I am a… (occupation)

(Hint: If you are a student, then the word in Moroccan Arabic is “talib” for a male, and “taliba” for a female. Check also the list of occupations and jobs in Moroccan Arabic, as well as the lesson on feminine nouns in Moroccan Darija).

  • I am… (marital status)

You can post your introduction in Speak Moroccan Forums and get to meet other Moroccan Arabic learners or Moroccan native speakers.

You can continue with other Speak Moroccan material in “Moroccan Arabic – Unit 1”.

Or browse additional Darija learning resources.

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