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Welcome to Speak Moroccan, your ultimate resource to learn Moroccan Arabic online.

Our goal is to help you learn Moroccan Darija, i.e. the Arabic dialect spoken in Morocco. Here you'll find a diversified set of free Moroccan Arabic materials and other resources.

Where Should I Start to Learn Moroccan Arabic Online?

To kick off your Moroccan Arabic learning, we recommend that you start by reading our Arabic alphabet guide and history of the languages of Morocco.

These indications help you get familiarized with the transcription method that we are using across Speak Moroccan.

How Do I Navigate Moroccan Arabic Materials on Speak Moroccan?

There are two possible ways to navigate Speak Moroccan.

1. By Category

Choose the category of Moroccan Arabic content that interests you.

Learning resources on Speak Moroccan are organized into the following four categories:

2. By Unit

We have also structured Speak Moroccan’s materials into units, with the goal of guiding you through a gradual learning of Moroccan Arabic.

As a result, in each Moroccan Arabic Unit on Speak Moroccan, you will find these four sections:

  • One Moroccan Arabic grammar lesson
  • One set of Moroccan Arabic phrases
  • One lesson on numbers/math in Moroccan Arabic
  • One list of Moroccan vocabulary

Additional Resources to Learn Moroccan Arabic

Essential Tools For Moroccan Arabic Learners:


A huge multi-dialect Arabic resource that covers 3 Maghrebi dialects (Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian) + many others.


A Moroccan, Egyptian and MSA lesson platform that has many great podcast lessons for Moroccan learners.

Vocabulary Lists in Moroccan Arabic

And More External Resources to Learn Arabic Online

We have put up together this page containing a list of additional resources to learn Arabic.

We have also compiled a list of Moroccan Arabic books for those of you who prefer paper books.

Additionally, we invite you to join our growing Moroccan Arabic community over at Speak Moroccan Forums where you can practice with Moroccan Arabic exercises, meet new people, and much more!

Vous parlez français ? Speak Moroccan est aussi disponible en français par ici.

Finally, for any feedback, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Have fun learning Moroccan Arabic!

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