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On this page, you can learn the names of over 40 animals, birds, and insects in Moroccan Arabic.
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Animals, Birds, and Insects in Moroccan Arabic

Houda Ghazali

On this page, you can learn the names of over 40 animals, birds, and insects in Moroccan Arabic.

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Now back to animals, birds, and insects!

Animals, Birds and Insects in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
Alligator Timsa7 تمساح
Ant Nemla نملة
Bear Dobb دب
Bee Ne7la نحلة
Black beetle Khenfousa خنفوسة
Butterfly Farasha فراشة
Camel Jmel جمل
Cat Mesh مش
Chicken Dejaja دجاجة
Cockroach Serraq ezzit سراق الزيت
Cow Begra بگرة
Dog Kelb كلب
Dolphin Dilfine دلفين
Donkey 7emar حمار
Duck Betta بطة
Elephant Fil فيل
Fish 7out حوت
Fly Debbana دبانة
Giraffe Zarafa زرافة
Goat Me3za معزة
Horse 3awd عود
Lice Gmel گمل
Lion Sbe3 سبع
Lizard Bobris بوبريص
Monkey Qerd قرد
Mouse Far فار
Parrot Babbagha بباغة
Pig 7ellouf حلوف
Pigeon 7emam حمام
Rabbit Qnia قنية
Rat Tobba طوبة
Scorpion 3gerba عگربة
Sheep 7awli حولي
Shrimp Qimroun قيمرون
Snail Babboush بابوش
Snake Lef3a لفعى
Spider Rtila رتيلة
Turkey Bibi بيبي
Turtle Fekroun فكرون
Wolf Dib ديب
Worm Douda دودة

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