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Learn 150 verbs in Moroccan Arabic on this page. This is an extremely important step of your Darija learning. Stop by Speak Moroccan forums to practice!
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Verbs in Moroccan Arabic

Houda Ghazali

On this page, we have compiled for you a list of 150 verbs in Moroccan Arabic.

Learning verbs is an extremely important part of mastering any new language.

You can view the listed Moroccan Arabic verbs in this table all at once.

Or you can choose the number of Darija verbs to view.

You can also sort the Moroccan Arabic verbs in this table alphabetically, or run a search for a particular verb in English.

Verbs in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
To accept Qbel قبل
To advise Nse7 نْصح
To answer Jaweb جَاوْب
To appear Ban بَانْ
To apologize 3tader عْتَادْرْ
To ask (a question) Sewwel سْوّْلْ
To ask (for something) Tleb طْلْبْ
To attend 7eder حْضْرْ
To be born Tewled توْلْدْ
To be late T3ettel تعْطّلْ
To borrow Tsellef تسْلّفْ
To break Herres هْرّسْ
To breathe Tneffes تْنْفّسْ
To bring Jab جَابْ
To buy Shra شْرَى
To change Beddel بْدّلْ
To choose Khtar خْتَارْ
To clean Neqqa نْقّا
To close Sedd سْدّ
To comb Mshet مْشْطْ
To come Ja جَا
To concentrate Rekkez رْكّْزْ
To congratulate Barek l… بَارْكْ لْ…
To cough Ke7eb كْحْبْ
To count 7seb حْسْبْ
To cry Bka بْكَا
To curse N3el نْعْلْ
To cut Qte3 قْطْعْ
To dance Shte7 شْطْحْ
To dare Tjerre2 تْجْرّأ
To decide Qerrer قْرّر
To deny Nker نْكْرْ
To deserve Sta7eq سْتَاحْقْ
To die Mat مَاتْ
To diversify Newwe3 نْوّعْ
To doubt Shekk شْكّ
To draw Rsem رْسْمْ
To dream 7lem حْلْمْ
To drink Shreb شْرْبْ
To drive Sag صاڭ
To eat Kla كْلَا
To encourage Shejje3 شْجّعْ
To enter Dkhel دْخْلْ
To explain Shre7 شْرْحْ
To fall Tah طَاحْ
To fear Khaf خَافْ
To feel 7ess حْسّ
To fill 3emmer عْمّرْ
To find Lqa لْقَا
To finish Kemmel كْمّلْ
To fly Tar طَارْ
To follow Tbe3 تْبْعْ
To forget Nsa نْسَا
To forgive Sme7 سْمْحْ
To fry Qla قْلَا
To get away Be33ed بْعّدْ
To get closer Qerreb قْرّبْ
To get ready Sta3ed سْتَاعْدْ
To get sick Mred مْرْضْ
To get up Nad نَاضْ
To get used Wellef وْلّفْ
To go out Khrej خْرْجْ
To guarantee Dmen ضْمْنْ
To hate Kreh كْرْهْ
To heal Bra بْرَا
To hear Sme3 سْمْعْ
To help 3awen عَاوْنْ
To hesitate Tredded تْرْدّدْ
To hit Dreb ضْرْبْ
To hope Tmenna تّمْنّا
To hurt Jre7 جْرْحْ
To insult Sebb سْبّ
To invite 3red عْرْضْ
To kill Qtel قْتْلْ
To know 3ref عْرْفْ
To laugh D7ek ضْحْكْ
To lean against Tekka تكّا
To learn T3ellem تْعْلّمْ
To lie Kdeb كْدْبْ
To lie down Tekka تكّا
To listen Sme3 سْمْعْ
To live 3ash عَاشْ
To live (in) Sken سْكْنْ
To look for Qelleb قْلّبْ
To lose Khser خْسْرْ
To measure 3ber عْبْرْ
To move T7errek تْحْرّكْ
To need 7taj حْتَاجْ
To open 7ell حْلّ
To organize Neddem نْضّمْ
To paint Sbegh صْبْغْ
To pay Khelles خْلّصْ
To play L3eb لْعْبْ
To pray Sella صْلّى
To prefer Feddel فْضّلْ
To prepare Wejjed وْجّدْ
To promise Wa3ed وَاعْدْ
To read Qra قْرَا
To regret Ndem نْدْمْ
To remember 3qel عْقْلْ
To resemble Shbeh شْبْهْ
To resist Qawem قَاوْمْ
To return (from) Rje3 رْجْعْ
To run Jra جْرَا
To run away Hreb هْرْبْ
To say Gal قَالْ
To scream Ghewwet غْوّتْ
To see Shaf شَافْ
To sell Ba3 بَاعْ
To send Sifet صِيفْطْ
To sew Khiyyet خِيّطْ
To show Werra وْرّا
To sign Sna سْنَا
To sleep N3es نْعْسْ
To smoke Kma كْمَا
To stand up Wqef وْقْفْ
To start Bda بْدَا
To stay Bqa بْقَى
To stink Khnaz خْنَازْ
To succeed Nje7 نْجْحْ
To suffocate Tekhneq تخْنْقْ
To suggest Qtare7 قْتَارْحْ
To swear (by) 7lef حْلْفْ
To swim 3am عَامْ
To take Khda خْدَا
To talk Hder هْدْرْ
To taste Daq دَاقْ
To teach Qerra قْرّا
To thank Shker شْكْرْ
To think Fekker فْكّرْ
To throw La7 لَاحْ
To translate Terjem تْرْجْمْ
To travel Safer سَافْرْ
To trust Taq تاق
To try 7awel حَاوْلْ
To turn Dar ضَارْ
To understand Fhem فْهْمْ
To vaccinate Leqqe7 لْقّحْ
To vanquish Ghleb غْلْبْ
To vomit Tqiyya تْقِيّا
To vote Sewwet صْوّت
To wait Tsenna تْسْنّا
To wake up Faq فَاقْ
To walk Tmesha تْمْشّى
To want Bgha بْغَى
To watch (e.g. a movie) Tferrej 3la تفرج على
To wear Lbes لْبْسْ
To win Rbe7 رْبْحْ
To work Khdem خْدْمْ
To write Kteb كْتْبْ

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