Colors in Moroccan Arabic

On this page, you can learn how to say colors in Moroccan Arabic.

In this regard, “color” is “loun” لون in Darija, and “colors” are “alwan” ألوان.

You will also learn how to specify whether a color is dark or light in Moroccan Darija.

Please note that all of the colors on this page are in the masculine form.

To convert them to the feminine form, go over our lesson on the feminine form in Moroccan Arabic.

Colors in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Arabic in the Arabic Alphabet
Beige Bij بيج
Black K7el كحل
Blue Zreq زرق
Brown Qehwi قهوي
Burgundy Grouna كَرونة
Golden Dehbi دهبي
Gray Rmadi رمادي
Green Khder خضر
Light blue Shibi شيبي
Mauve Mauve موڤ
Olive Khezzi خزي
Orange Limouni ليموني
Pink Fanidi فنيدي
Purple / Violet Banafsaji بنفسجي
Red 7mer حمر
Silver Feddi فضي
Turquoise Torkwa / Tirkwa توركوا / تيركوا
White Byed بيض
Yellow Sfer صفر

Dark and Light Colors in Moroccan Arabic

You can specify a color’s shade in Moroccan Arabic by using the following two words:

– Dark: Ghameq: غامق

– Light: Fate7: فاتح


– Dark green: Khder ghameq: خضر غامق

– Light green: Khder fate7: خضر فاتح

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