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Learn 100 adjectives in Moroccan Arabic on this page. Learning adjectives in Moroccan Arabic is useful, as it will enable you to make short sentences.
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Adjectives in Moroccan Arabic

Houda Ghazali

Learning adjectives in Moroccan Arabic is extremely useful, as it will enable you to make short descriptive sentences.

To do that, go over to the lesson on personal pronouns in Moroccan Arabic.

A total of 100 Moroccan Arabic adjectives are listed in the table below.

You can either view all of of the adjectives at once, or choose the number of rows to show at a time.

You can also sort the Moroccan Arabic adjectives in this table alphabetically, or run a search for a particular adjective you have in mind.

Adjectives in Moroccan Arabic

English Moroccan Arabic in Chat Alphabet Moroccan Arabic in the Arabic Alphabet
Acid 7amd حامض
Active Nashit نشيط
Aged Sharf شارف
Angry Me3esseb معصب
Awake Fayeq فايق
Beautiful Zwin زوين
Big Kbir كبير
Broken Meherres مهرس
Burnt Me7rouq محروق
Busy Mesheghoul مشغول
Certain Met2akked متأكد
Cheap Rkhis رخيص
Chic Mferkes مفركس
Clean Nqi نقي
Clear Wade7 واضح
Clever Dki دكي
Close Qrib قريب
Closed Mesdoud مسدود
Cold Bared بارد
Comfortable Mori7 مريح
Complex M3eqqed مْعْقّدْ
Cooked Tayeb طايب
Crazy 7meq / Hbil / Msetti حمق/ هبيل/  مسطي
Dangerous Khatir خطير
Dark colored Ghameq غامق
Dear 3ziz عزيز  
Delicious Bnine بنين
Diffuclt Wa3er واعر
Dirty Mossekh موسّخ
Dizzy Dayekh دايخ
Dry Nashef ناشف
Easy Sahel ساهل
Empty Khawi خاوي
Envious Me7sad محساد
Expensive Ghali غالي
Famous Meshehour مشهور
Far B3id بعيد
Fat Ghelid غليض
Full 3amer عامر
Generous Skhi سخي
Good Mezian مزيان
Greedy Temma3 طماع
Happy Fer7an فرحان
Heavy Tqil تقيل
High 3ali عالي
Hot Skhoun سخون
Innocent Bari2 بريء
Interesting Mohim مهم  
Jealous Meghyar مغيار
Kind Drif ضريف
Known Me3rouf معروف
Large 3erid عريض
Late M3ettel معطل
Light Khfif خفيف
Light colored Fate7 فاتح
Little Qlil قليل
Medium Metwesset متوسط
Messy Mrewwen مرون
Mixed Mkhellet مخلط
Modern 3esri عصري
Much Ktir كتير
Mute Zizoun زيزون
Nasty Qbi7 قبيح
Natural Tabi3i طبيعي
Naughty, badly behaved Daser ضاسر
Necessary Darouri ضروري
New Jedid جديد
Normal 3adi عادي
Old Qdim قديم
Open Me7loul محلول
Polite M2eddeb مؤدب
Popular She3bi شعبي
Respectable Mo7taram محترم
Rough 7resh حرش
Round Mdewwer مدوّر
Sad Mqelleq مقلّق
Salty Male7 مالح
Sensitive 7essas حسّاس
Sharp Madi ماضي
Short Qsir قصير
Shy 7shoumi / 7eshman حشومي/حشمان
Sick Mrid مريض
Silent Saket ساكت
Skillful 7adg حادڭ
Small Sghir صغير
Soft Rteb رطب
Solid Qase7 قاصح
Spacious Wase3 واسع
Spicy 7ar حار
Stinky Khanez خانز
Stupid Mkellekh مكلخ
Sweet 7lo حلو
Tall/Long Twil طويل
Thin Rqiq رقيق
Tight Mdiyyeq مضيق
Tired 3iyyan عيان
Traditional Teqlidi / Beldi تقليدي /  بْلدي
Ugly Khayeb خايب
Warm Dafi دافي
Wet Fazeg فازڭ

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