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Learn the names of over 40 jobs and occupations in Moroccan Arabic on this page. Brush up on your grammar skills by converting these words to the feminine form.
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Jobs and Occupations in Moroccan Arabic

Houda Ghazali

On this page, you will learn the names of more than 40 jobs and occupations in Moroccan Arabic.

Note that all the words in the table are in the masculine form.

To obtain them in the feminine form, brush up on your grammar skills with the feminine lesson in Moroccan Arabic.

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Jobs and Occupations in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
Accountant Mo7asib محاسب
Actor Momettil ممتل
Architect Mohendis mi3mari مهندس معماري
Butcher Gezzar گزار
Carpenter Nejjar نجار
Cashier Kisyi كيسيي
Cook Tebbakh طباخ
Dentist Tebib essenan طبيب السنان
Director Modir مدير
Doctor Tebib طبيب
Driver Shifor شيفور
Electrician Trisyan تريسيان
Employee Mowaddaf موضف
Engineer Mohendis مهندس
Farmer Fella7 فلاح
Gendarme Jadarmi جدارمي
Grocer Moul l7anout مول لحانوت
Guardian 3essas عساس
Hairdresser 7ellaq حلاق
Inspector Mofettish مفتش
Journalist Sa7afi صحافي
Judge Qadi قاضي
Lawyer Mo7ami محامي
Mechanic Mikanisian ميكانيسيان
Nurse Fermli فرملي
Painter Ressam رسام
Pilot Pilote پيلوط
Plumber Ploumbi پلومبي
Policeman Bolisi بوليسي
Professor Ostad أستاد
Psychologist Tebib nafsi طبيب نفسي
Researcher Ba7et باحت
Secretary sikritir سيكريتير
Shoemaker Kherraz خراز
Singer Moghenni مغني
Soldier 3eskri عسكري
Student Talib طالب
Tailor Khiyyat خياط
Teacher (primary school) Mo3llim معلم
Translator Moterjim مترجم
Waiter Serbay سرباي
Writer Katib كاتب

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