Counting from 11 to 19 in Moroccan Arabic

In this lesson, you will learn about counting from 11 to 19 in Moroccan Arabic.

This is a follow-up for the lesson on counting from 0 to 10 in Moroccan Arabic.

You will first learn the numbers from 11 to 19 in Darija.

And then, you will learn the rule to apply when using these numbers in Moroccan Arabic.

Finally, you will find below an exercise to practice as well as its solutions.

Learn the Numbers 11 to 19 in Moroccan Arabic

Number Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in the Arabic Alphabet
11 7edash حْضاش
12 Tenash طْناش
13 Teletash تْلطاش
14 Rebe3tash رْبعطاش
15 Khemstash خْمسطاش
16 Settash سْطاش
17 Sebe3tash سْبعطاش
18 Tementash تْمنطاش
19 Teze3tash تْزعطاش

The Rule for Counting from 11 to 19 in Moroccan Arabic

To count 11 to 19 things in Moroccan Arabic, we use the following formula:

Number + “r” suffix + indefinite singular noun.


  • 12 books: Tenashr ktab: طْناشر كتاب
  • 18 points: Tementashr noqta: تنمطاشر نقطة
  • 15 boys: Khemstashr weld: خمسطاشر ولد

The “r” suffix simply serves the purpose of a smooth transition between the number and the noun.

Due to regional Moroccan accent differences, some people tend to pronounce the “r” suffix as an “l”.

Exercise – Counting from 11 to 19 in Moroccan Arabic

Write the following in Moroccan Darija:

  • 14 girls
  • 11 boys
  • 19 books
  • 13 points
  • 17 boys
  • 11 books
  • 12 boys
  • 14 points
  • 15 girls
  • 16 girls

Once done with the exercise, you can scroll down for the answers.

Exercise Solutions – Counting from 11 to 19 in Moroccan Arabic

Exercise Solutions - Counting from 11 to 19 in Moroccan Arabic

  • 14 girls: Rebe3tashr bent: رْبعطاشر بنت
  • 11 boys: 7edashr weld: حْضاشر ولد
  • 19 books: Teze3tashr ktab: تْزعطاشر كتاب
  • 13 points: Teletashr noqta: تْلطاشر نقطة
  • 17 boys: Sebe3tashr weld: سْبعطاشر ولد
  • 11 books: 7edashr ktab: حْضاشر كتاب
  • 12 boys: Tenashr weld: طْناشر ولد
  • 14 points: Reba3tashr noqta: رْبعطاشر نقطة
  • 15 girls: Khemstashr bent: خمسطاشر بنت
  • 16 girls: Settashr bent: سْطاشر بنت

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