Food Vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic

On this page, you will learn some food vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic.

The table below contains 30 food items in Moroccan Arabic.

So, you will learn the names of some spices (salt, pepper, and cumin) in Darija.

And you will learn how to say “boiled” and “roasted” in Darija.

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Food Vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
Boiled Meslouq مسلوق
Bread Khobz خبز
Butter Zebda زبدة
Cake 7elwa حلوة
Cheese Fermaj فرماج
Coffee Qehwa قهوة
Cumin Kamoun كامون
Egg Bida بيضة
Fish 7out حوت
Flower Degig دگيگ
Fried Meqli مقلي
Fruit Fakia فاكية
Honey 3sel عسل
Jam Kofitir كوفيتير
Juice 3asir عصير
Lentils 3des عدس
Meat L7em لحم
Milk 7lib حليب
Oil Zit زيت
Pepper Ibzar إبزار
Rice Rouz روز
Roasted Meshwi مشوي
Salad Shelada شلاضة
Salt Mel7a ملحة
Soup 7rira حريرة
Sugar Sekkar سكر
Tea Atay أتاي
Vegetables Khodra خضرة
Vinegar Khell خل
Water Ma ما

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  • Salam
    How do you describe food or drink without sugar or salt.
    In Arabic it's مسوس من الملحة
    مسوس من السكر

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