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The phrases in this page will be of help for your dealings in the Internet café in Morocco.
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Phrases for Internet cafes in Moroccan Arabic

Houda Ghazali

While staying in Morocco, if you don’t have internet at home or at the hotel, you’ll find an Internet café in the area. The phrases in this page will be of help for your dealings in the Internet café in Morocco.

1)-May I use this computer? – Neqder nesta3mel had l-PC? نقدر نستعمل هاد البيسي؟

2)- Isn’t there a webcam? – Mâ kaynâsh lkamîrâ? ما كايناش الكاميرا؟

3)- Isn’t there a microphone? – Mâ kâynsh lmîkrô? ما كاينش الميكرو؟

4)- How much does is cost per hour here? – Sh7âl kâddîr ssâ3a hnâ? شحال كادير الساعة هنا؟

5)- This computer is not working. – Hâd l-PC mâ khddâmsh هاد البيسي ما خدامش

6)- The keyboard is not working. – L-clavier mâ khddâmsh. الكلافيي ما خدامش

7)- Do you have a printer? – 3endkom tâbi3a/ imprimante? عندكم طابعة/ أمبريمونت؟

8)- I want to print some documents. – Bghît netbe3 shî wrâq. بغيت نطبع شي وراق

9)- How much does it cost to print a page? – Bsh7âl kateb3ô ssef7a? بشحال كطبعوا الصفحة؟

10)- Do you have a scanner? – 3endkom scanner? عندكم سكانير؟

11)- I want to scan some documents. – Bghît neskânî shî wrâq بغيت نسكاني شي وراق

12)- How much does it cost to scan a page? – Bsh7al katskâniw ssef7a? بشحال كتسكانيو الصفحة؟

13)- Can I use Internet with my computer? – Neqder nesta3mel l’internet m3a l-PC diâlî? نقدر نستعمل لانتيرنيت مع البيسي ديالي؟

14)- The computer is freezing. – Tblôka l-PC. تبلوكا البيسي

15)- Thanks for your help. – Shokran 3lâ lmosâ3ada شكرا على المساعدة

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