Interrogative Words in Moroccan Arabic

In this lesson, you will learn about interrogative words in Moroccan Arabic.

You will find below examples of questions where some of these interrogative words were used.

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Interrogative Words in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
Who? Shkoun? شْكُون؟
What? Ashno? Ash? Shno? أَشْنُو؟ أَشْ؟ شنو؟
Why? 3lash? عْلاش؟
What for? Lash? لاش؟
Why not? 3lash ella? عْلاش لا؟
Where? Fin? فِينْ؟
Where from? Menin? مْنين؟
When? Imta? / Fouqash إِيمْتا؟/ فوقاش؟
Since when? Men imta? من إيمتا؟
Which one? (m.s) Ina wa7ed? / Ash men wa7ed? إينا واحد؟ / أشْ مْن واحد؟
Which one? (f.s) Ina we7da? / Ash men we7da? إينا وحدة؟ / أشْ مْن وحدة؟
Whose? Dial men? ديال من؟
With whom? M3a men? مع من؟
To whom? / For whom? Lemen? لمن؟
How? / How so? Kifash? كيفاشْ؟
How much/many? Sh7al? شحال؟


English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
When did you (s.) come? Imta jiti? إيمْتا جيتي؟
What are you (m.s.) doing? Ash kaddir? أشْ كادّيرْ؟
What do you want? Ashno bghiti? أشْنُو بْغيتي؟
Where are you (m.s.) going? Fin ghadi? فين غادي؟
To whom did you give it? Lmen 3titih? لمن عطيتيه؟
Which one did you buy? Ina wa7ed shriti? إينا واحد شريتي؟

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