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In this lesson, you'll be learning ordinal numbers in Moroccan Arabic, and the basic rules you need to form them.
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Ordinal Numbers In Moroccan Arabic

Houda Ghazali

This lesson is about ordinal numbers in Moroccan Arabic.

Counting's a vital skill, and ordinal numbers are something you should learn very early on.

The list below goes up to the 21st ordinal, but it's enough to teach you the patterns so you can keep going.

Ordinal numbers in Moroccan Arabic

Ordinal Number Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija
1st lilawil اللول
2nd i-tani التاني
3rd i-talat التالت
4th i-rabi3 الرابع
5th li-5amis الخامس
6th i-sat / i-sadis السات / السادس
7th i-sabi3 الشابع
8th i-tamin التامن
9th i-tasi3 التاسع
10th l-3ashir العاشر
11th li-7adish الحادش
12th i-Tinash الطناش
13th i-talaTash اتلطاش
14th i-rb3aTash ربعطاش
15th li-5amasTash الخمسطاش
16th i-siTash السطاش
17th i-sab3aTash السبعطاش
18th i-tamanTash التمنطاش
19th i-t3Tash التعطاش
20th li-3shrin العشرين
21st lilawil wa li-3shrin اللول والعشرين

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