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In this Moroccan Arabic grammar lesson, learn more about regular and irregular plurals.
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Plurals in Moroccan Arabic

Houda Ghazali

Regular Plurals:

To form the plural, we regularly add (în) to a masculine word, and (ât) to a feminine one.

**English ** Masc. Sing. Masc. Plural
Teacher Mô3llim مُعلِّم Mô3llimîn مُعلِّمين
Employee MowDDaf مُوْضّف MowDDafîn مُوْضّفين
English Fem. Sing. Fem Plural
Teacher Mô3llima مُعلِّمة Mô3llimât مُعلِّمات
Employee MowDDafa مُوْضّفة MowDDafât مُوْضّفات

Broken Plurals:

As there are no rules for broken plurals, you just need to learn them by heart.

English word Singular Plural
Professor Ostâd (m.) أستاد Ostâda (f.) أستادة Asâtida (m.) أساتدة Ostâdât (f.) أستادات
Book Ktâb كتاب Ktôba كتوبة
Man Râjl راجل Rjjâla رجالة
Woman Mra مرا Mrawât مراوات 3yâlât عيالات
Monkey Qrd قرد Qrôda قرودة


It’s very usual to use the masculine plural form of adjectives for feminine as well.

Adjective Masc. Sing. Masc. Plural
Big Kbîr كبير Kbâr كْبار
Small Sghîr صْغير Sghâr صْغار
New Jdîd جْديد Jdâd جْداد
Short قْصير QSâr قْصار
Beautiful Zwîn زْوين Zwînîn زْوينين


– Girl = bnt, – Little girls (Bnât Sghâr بْنات صْغار), or very rarely (bnât Sghârât

بْنات صْغارات ).

– Skirt = Sâya صايا – Long skirts (Sâyât Twâl صَايات طْوال ).

– Shirt = qamîja قميجة – New shirts (Qwâmj jdâd قْوامج جْداد).

[For more adjectives, please refer to the list of adjectives.]

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