Time Vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic

On this page, you will learn some time vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic.

So, you will learn the names of different time units (second, minute, hour, day, etc.) in Moroccan Arabic.

You will also learn how to say “today”, “yesterday”, and “tomorrow”, in Darija.

And you will learn the names of the four seasons (fall, winter, spring, and summer) in Moroccan Arabic.

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Time Vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic letters
Time Weqt وقت
Second Tania تانية
Minute Dqiqa دقيقة
Hour Sa3a ساعة
Day Nhar نْهار
Week Simana سِيمانَا
Month Sheher شْهر
Year 3am عام
The day before yesterday Welbar7 ولبارح
Yesterday Elbare7 البارح
Today Elyoum اليوم
Tomorrow Ghedda غدا
The day after tomorrow Be3d ghedda بعد غدا
Last week Essimana elfayta  السيمانة الفايتة
This week Had essimana هاد السيمانة
Next week Essimana ejjayya  السيمانة الجاية
Dawn Fjer فجر
Morning Sba7 صباح
Noon Ness nehar نص نهار
Afternoon 3shia عْشِيّة
Sunset Meghreb مغرب
Night Lil لِيل
Spring Rbi3 ربيع
Summer Sif صيف
Fall Khrif خريف
Winter Shta شتا

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