Weather Phrases in Moroccan Arabic

You will find in this page a few useful phrases to ask about or comment on the weather in Moroccan Arabic.

1)- It’s hot today. – Skhoun l7âl lyoum سخون الحال اليوم – Kâyn ssehd lyoum
كاين الصهد اليوم

2)- It’s cold today.
Bârd l7âl lyoum
بارد الحال اليوم
Kâyn lberd lyoum
كاين البرد اليوم

3)- The weather is nice today.
Zwîn ljoww lyoum
زوين الجو اليوم

4)- The weather is bad today.
Khâyb ljoww lyoum
خايب الجو اليوم

5)- It’s raining.
Kâyna shtâ
كاينة الشتا
6)- It’s snowing.
Kâyn ttelj
كاين التلج

7)- It’s pouring down.
Shtâ khît men ssmâ
الشتا خيط من السما

8)- I don’t have an umbrella
Mâ 3endîsh lmdal
ما عنديش لمضل

9)- There was a lot of rain this morning.
Sebbât shtâ bzzâf hâd sbâ7
صبات الشتا بزاف هاد الصباح

10)- It will probably not rain tomorrow.
Mo7âl wâsh tkoun shtâ ghddâ
محال واش تكون الشتا غدا

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  • Me as a bigginer find this page very good for learning darija thank you chokran bzzaf bzzaf

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