Fruits and Vegetables in Moroccan Arabic

On this page, we have listed the names of a total of 50 fruits and vegetables in Moroccan Arabic.

You can find other food vocabulary in Moroccan Arabic over here.

Hopefully the two vocabulary lists will help with either your cooking or dining experiences in Morocco.

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Fruits and Vegetables in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
Apple Teffa7 تفاح
Apricot Meshmash مشماش
Artichoke Khershouf خرشوف
Avocado Lavoka لاڤوكا
Banana Banan بنان
Beets / Beetroots Barba باربا
Bell peppers Felfela 7lowwa فلفلة حلوة
Broccoli Brokoli بروكولي
Cabbage Mkewwer مكور
Carrots Khizzo خيزو
Cauliflower Shoufla شوفلا
Celery Krafes كرافس
Chili pepper Felfela 7arra فلفلة حارة
Coriander Qezbour قزبور
Corn Dra درا
Cucumber Khiar خيار
Eggplant Denjan دنجان
Figs Kermous كرموس
Garlic Touma توما
Grapes 3neb عنب
Green beans Loubia khedra لوبيا خضرة
Green peas Jelbana جلبانة
Kiwi Kiwi كيوي
Leek Pwarro پوارو
Lemon 7amed حامض
Lettuce Khoss خس
Mandarin Mandarine مندرين
Mango Manga مانكَا
Melon Swihla سويهلة
Mint Ne3na3 نعناع
Olives Zitoun زيتون
Onions Besla بصلة
Oranges Limoun ليمون
Parsley Me3dnous معدنوس
Peaches Khoukh خوخ
Pear Bo3wid بوعويد
Pineapple Ananas أناناس
Plums Berqouq برقوق
Pomegranate Remman رمان
Potatoes Btata بطاطا
Prickly pears Hendia هندية
Pumpkin Ger3a ڭرعة
Radish Fjel فجل
Raisins Zbib زبيب
Strawberry Friz فريز
Tomatoes Matisha ماطيشة
Turnip Left لفت
Watermelon Della7 دلاح
Yam Btata 7lowwa بطاطا حلوة
Zucchini Kourjit كورجيت

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  • Good job. In need of a few rectification: use شيفلور instead of... use قوق instead of خرشوف, use بورو instead of...
    Take into consideration the most common words. Congratulations for this brilliant product.

  • Hi Mohamed!
    Thank you for your comment.
    Those are not actually rectifications, but rather possible variants.
    In my region, we call artichoke : Khershouf خرشوف, and it’s true that some people call it qouq : قوق
    We say Shoufla شوفلا for cauliflower, other people prefer to pronounce it closer to French: شيفلور Shiflour.
    Same for leek, some pronounce exactly like in French, pwarro پوارو, but others maybe say it like you said, بورو, boro/poro.

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