Body Parts in Moroccan Arabic

Learn the names of over 30 body parts in Moroccan Arabic on this page.

This anatomical vocabulary is usually the same one used with animals as well in Morocco.

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Body Parts in Moroccan Arabic

English Transcribed Moroccan Arabic Moroccan Darija in Arabic Letters
Arm Dra3 دراع
Back Deher ضهر
Beard Le7ia لحية
Belly Kersh كرش
Bone 3dem عضم
Brain Mokh مخ
Cheek 7enk حنك
Chest Sder سدر
Ear Wden ودن
Eye 3in عين
Eyebrow 7ajeb حاجب
Eyelash Shefr شفر
Face Wjeh وجه
Finger Sbe3 صبع
Foot Rjel رجل
Forehead Jebha جبهة
Hair Sh3er شعر
Hand Idd / Yedd إيد / يد
Head Ras راس
Heart Qelb قلب
Knee Rekba ركبة
Liver Kebda كبدة
Lung Riya رية
Molar Ders ضرس
Mouth Fomm فم
Nail Defer ضفر
Neck 3enq عنق
Nose Nif نيف
Shoulder Ktef كتف
Skin Jeld جلد
Stomach Me3da معدة
Throat 7elq حلق
Toe Sbe3 dial errjel صبع ديال الرجل
Tongue lsan لسان
Tonsils 7laqem حلاقم
Tooth Senna سنة
Vein 3erq عرق

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